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Welcome to "Oliver's Bookshelf,"
A collection of published texts available during the
lifetime of Oliver H. P. Cowdery (1805-1850)

Although the content of most of the following publications would have, no doubt,
interested Oliver Cowdery greatly, no claim is made that he read ALL of the
materials presented here (either before or after his becoming a Latter Day Saint).

Index to the E-texts on Oliver's Bookshelf
(Authors/Creators: A to M)

  de Acosta, José  (1540-1600)  
Natural & Moral History (1604)

  Adair, James  (c.1709-1783)  
History of the Am. Indians (1775)

Am. Soc. for Meliorating the Condition of Jews
Boudinot's Address (1820 - forthcoming)
First Report (1823 - excerpts)

  Atwater, Caleb  (1778-1867)  
Description of the Antiquities (1820 - excerpts)

  ben Israel, Menasseh  (1604-1657)  
Hope of Israel (1650 - excerpts)

  Boudinot, Elias  (1740-1821)  
Age of Revelation (1801 2nd ed)
The Second Advent (1815)
A Star in the West (1816)

  Brackenridge, Henry M.  (1786-1871)  
Views of Louisiana (1814 - excerpts)

  Brothers, Richard  (1757-1824)  
Revealed Knowledge of Prophecies (1797 2nd ed)
A Correct Account (1822) (under constr.)

  Bruce, James  (1730-1794)  
Travels to Discover... the Nile (1804 - excerpts)

  Bryant, William Cullen  (1794-1878)  
"Thanatopsis" (1817)
"The Prairies" (1832)

  Campbell, John P.  (1768 - 1814)  
Western Antiquities Prospectus (1814)
Biographical Sketch - Obituary (1814)
"Aborigines of the Western Country"
(from the 1816 Port-Folio)

  Celadon  (Pseudonym)  
The Golden Age (1785)

  Clavigero, Francesco  (1721-1787)  
History of Mexico (1787, 1804) (excerpt)
History of Mexico (1787, 1806) (full text)
History of Mexico (1807 2nd ed.) (excerpt)

  Crawford, Charles  (1752-1830?)  
Essay on the Propagation of the Gospel (1801) (excerpts)

  Cusick, David  (c. 1780-c. 1840)  
Sketches of Ancient History (1827) (excerpt)

  Del Rio, Antonio  (1745-1789)  
Description of Ruins of Ancient City (1822)
(on Palenque: excerpt reprint - 1834)

  Du Pratz, Le Page  (c.1700-1775)  
History of Louisiana (1774 trans. - excerpt)

  Eliot, John  (1604-1690)  
"Learned Conjectures (1660) [off-site link]

  Greene, Samuel D.  (1788-1880?)  
The Broken Seal (1870) (under construction)
(reprints material from during Oliver's lifetime)

  Hale, Sarah J. B.  (1788-1879)  
Genius of Oblivion (1823) (excerpt)

  Hamilton, Thomas  (1789-1842)  
Men and Manners in America (1833) (excerpt)

  Hulbert, Charles  (1778-1857)  
Museum Americanum (1823)

  Hyde, Orson  (1805-1878)  
A Prophetic Warning (1836)

  King, Edward  (1795-1837)  
Antiquities of Mexico (1831-48)

  Mack, Solomon  (1732-1820)  
Narrative of Solomon Mack (1811)

  MacPherson, James  (1736-1796)  
The Poems of Ossian (1796 edition)

  Marks, David  (1805-1845)  
Life of David Marks (1831) (excerpt)

  Mather, Samuel  (1706-1785 )  
...America... Known to the Ancients (1773) [off-site link]

  Mathews, Cornelius  (1817-1889)  
Behemoth: A Legend... (1839) (major excerpts)

  McCulloh, James T.  (1793-1870)  
Researches on America... (1816,17) (excerpts)

  McDonald, John.  (c1750-1821)  
New Translation of Isaiah 18 (1814) (under constr.)

  Morgan, William  (1774-1826)  
Illustrations of Masonry (1826)

(Authors/Creators: N to Z)

  Noah, Mordecai M.  (1785-1851)  
Discourse on American Indians (1837)
Restoration of the Jews  (1845)

  Pratt, Orson  (1811-1881)  
Remarkable Visions  (1840 & 1848)

  Pratt, Parley P.  (1807-1857)  
A Short Account of a Shameful Outrage (1835)
A Voice of Warning (1837) (forthcoming)
A Voice of Warning (1837) (the old URL)
Autobiography from Millennial Star (forthcoming)

  Priest, Josiah  (1788-1851)  
Wonders of Nature ( 1826)  (excerpts)
View of the Expected Millennium  (1828) (under constr.)
American Antiquities  (1833-34) (excerpt)

  Rafinesque, Constantine S.  (1783-1840)  
Meso-American glyphs, etc.  (1827) (link to off-site file)
contra Ethan Smith's theories  (1829) (link to off-site file)
Atlantic Journal  (1832-33) (link to off-site file)

  Robertson, William  (1721-1793)  
History of America (1812 - excerpts)

  Schoolcraft, Henry R.  (1793-1864)  
Travels in the... Mississippi Valley  (1825) (under constr.)

  Sewall, Samuel  (1652-1730)  
the New Heaven  (1697) (under constr.)

  Simon, Barbara A.  (c.1790-aft.1836)  
The Ten Tribes... (1836)

  Smith, Ethan  (1762-1849)  
Dissertation on the Prophecies  (1811 ed.) (excerpts)
Key to Figurative Language of Scripture  (1814)
Dissertation on the Prophecies  (1814 ed.) (excerpts)
The Character of Christ  (1814 ed.) (excerpt)
Misc. Pamphlets, Sermons, Etc.  (1814-7) (excerpts)
View of the Hebrews... Judah and Israel  (1st ed 1823)
View of the Trinity... of Jesus Christ  (2nd ed 1824)
View of the Hebrews... Judah and Israel  (2nd ed 1825)
Key to the Revelation  (1833, 2nd 1837) (excerpt)

  Southey, Robert  (1774-1843)  
Madoc in Wales  (1805)
Madoc in Aztlan  (1805)

  Spicer, Tobias  (1788-1862)  
Autobiography  (1851)

  Symmes, John C.  (1780-1829)  
Misc. Articles, etc.  (1818-1909)

  Taylor, John  (1808-1887)  
Three Nights' Public Discussion  (1850)

  Thompson, Charles B.  (1814-1895)  
Evidences: Book of Mormon  (1841)

  Thorowgood, Thomas  (c. 1600-1669)  
Iewes [sic] in America (1650) (excerpts)
Jewes in America (1660) [off-site link]

  Towle, Nancy  (1796-1876)  
Vicissitudes Illustrated  (1832)

  Turner, Orsamus  (1801-1855)  
Pioneer History of Holland Purchase  (1849)
"Origin of the Mormon Imposture"  (1851)
History Pioneer Settlement of Phelps  (1851)

  Von Humboldt, Alexander  (1769-1859)  
Political Essay on New Spain  (1811) (under constr.)
Researches... Ancient Inhabitants of America I  (1814)
Researches... Ancient Inhabitants of America II  (1814)

  Winchester, Benjamin  (1817-1900)  
History of the Priesthood  (1843)

  Yates, John  (1779-1839)  
History of New-York  (1824-26)

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