Or: The Restoration Movement and Modern Millenarianism Gone Awry  

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Where it All Began:

I will gather you from all the nations, and from all the places whither I have driven you,
saith the Lord; and I will bring you again into the place whence I caused you to be
carried away captive."   (Jeremiah chapter 29)

It is fifteen hundred years since my family was separated from the Jews, and lost all
knowledge of its origin; the last on record, in the Scripture, is James: chap. xiii.
55 ver. of St. Matthew.  Told me by revelation.

The government of the Jewish nation will, under the Lord God, be committed to me,
that the everlasting covenant from him to David may be manifested in the visible
Prince and Governor of the Jews. (Richard Brothers, 1795)

What is the first to be done relative to this restoration? The first object, no doubt, must
be, to christianize them, and wait the leadings of Providence relative to any further event.
God will in due time, be (to all who are willing to wait on him) his own interpreter;
and to such he will make the path of duty plain. In his own time and way, after his
ancient people shall be duly instructed, and taught the Christian religion. God will
open the door for the fulfillment of his designs relative to any local restoration; and
will bring that part of them, whom he designs, to their ancient home.
(Ethan Smith: "A View of the Hebrews" -- 1825, p. 255)

Those engaged in seeking the Outcasts of Israel, and the Dispersed of Judah, cannot fail
to enjoy the Spirit of the Lord and have the choicest blessings of Heaven rest upon
them in copious effusions.  Joseph Smith, Jr., May 14, 1840)

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