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The Dale R. Broadhurst Sites and Major Web-pages
The Oliver Cowdery Memorial Home Page   OliverCowdery.com is dedicated to the life and times of Oliver H. P. Cowdery (1808-1850) and includes home pages for Joseph Smith, William Smith, etc.
Oliver's Bookshelf   Texts possibly germaine to early Mormonism, published or circulated during the lifetime of Oliver H. P. Cowdery (1806-1850)
Joseph Smith's History Vault   Complete texts and excerpts of books, tracts, pamphlets, leaflets, and other publications, possibly germaine to Joseph Smith, Jr. and early Mormonism
Crisis at Kirtland   A work-in-progress on the origin, rise and fall of the Mormons at Kirtland, 1830-1839; with special attention paid to the history of D. P. Hurlbut
Gathering of Israel   The beginnings of a study of 19th Century Prophetic and Millenarian sects; including similarities between Jacob Cochran's Free Brethren and early Mormons
The Sidney Rigdon Memorial Home Page   SidneyRigdon.com is dedicated to the life and times of Rev. Sidney Rigdon (1793-1876) and includes web pages for his Writings, Chronology/History, etc.
Mormon Classics E-Texts Library   This page at SidneyRigdon.com offers numerous links to on-line texts relative to Mormon origins, Mormon History, the Spalding-Rigdon theory, etc.
Rigdon Revealed   A new set of web-pages devoted to elucidating obscurities in Sidney Rigdon's life
Readings in Early Mormon History   "Uncle Dale's" selection of old Mormon newspaper article transcripts (primarily covering the 1830-1860 period in Latter Day Saint History)
The Spalding Studies Web Site   SolomonSpalding.com is dedicated to exploring the Spalding authorship claims for the Book of Mormon --- and uncovering obscure Latter Day Saint origins
Spalding On-Line Documents Library   The on-line resources at SolomonSpalding.com include a general library, a special collections dept., and a research section with Dale's Spalding papers
D. R. Broadhurst's "Spalding Saga"   A work-in-progress on the life and times of Solomon Spalding. The contents (added to occasionally) may one day become a book on Spalding and his writings.
Pre-Mormon Explorations
into a Little Known past
  The world before April 6, 1830: Events and Ideas anticipating or prefiguring the advent of the "Seventh Dispensation of the Gospel"
Utah Gentiles
Non-Mormons: 1857-1877
  Important or interesting residents of Utah Territory, before and shortly after the coming of the Pacific Railroad
The Dale R. Broadhurst Home Page   The original gateway to the Dale R. Broadhurst Sites and Major Web-pages (now re-located at SidneyRigdon.com), including the Old Spalding Studies Home Page
Refugees of The Reorganization   Record of a Religious Odyssey -- (see also Dale's  Personal Info Page)

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