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by Dale R. Broadhurst

The Failed Stake of Zion

Late in the year 1830 four "Mormonite" missionaries arrived in Ohio, proclaiming a new divine revelation and a gospel, newly restored to its original purity and power. Although the missionaries made a number of converts in northeastern Ohio, their greatest success came in the Geauga county township of Kirtland. Here they established a branch of their Church of Christ among the followers of the former Campbellite elder, Rev. Sidney Rigdon. The village of Kirtland Mills (or Kirtland Flats), along with the hamlet on the hill overlooking the village, quickly became the center of Mormon influence in the Buckeye state. The "Saints" gathered there to establish a theocratic society under Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon, and from 1831 to the end of 1837 Kirtland was essentially the capital of the Mormon movement.

The village's preeminence among the Latter Day Saints did not last for very long. however. As early as 1831 the gathering of the Saints in that place was proclaimed to be little more than a prelude to a much larger and more important gathering, which was scheduled to take place on the far western frontier, at Independence, Missouri. The move west was delayed, however, and for seven years the majority of the Mormons lingered in and around Kirtland. During that time antagonistic social and political relations between the members of the Mormon gathering and their non-LDS neighbors in northeastern Ohio reached crisis proportions -- a situation which contributed greatly to the departure of the top Mormon leadership at the end of those seven years.

Less publicized than the swelling Mormon-Gentile discord in Ohio was a concomitant crisis in Latter Day Saint leadership legitimacy and authority. The exterior and interior crises were interrelated, with disillusioned, departing ex-Mormons feeding the ranks and rhetoric of the Gentile opposition throughout the 1830s. The LDS leadership survived -- only barely -- by implementing policies and procedures that eventually elevated Smith and Rigdon to positions of ecclesiastical despotism, at the expense of the common consent and personal independence previously enjoyed by the less influential members.

Two pinnacle periods in the ongoing crisis can be easily discerned, even in a superficial review of Kirtland era Mormon history. One of these moments came during the winter of 1833-34, when Joseph Smith lost control of most of the Mormon assets in Missouri, as well as the obedience of a significant number of his followers there. The Mormon losses in Missouri were exacerbated by a serious challenge to Smith's moral authority, mounted that same winter by anti-Mormons and ex-Mormon apostates in Ohio. Smith survived these challenges and retained control of the Latter Day Saint movement until the second pinnacle period in the dual crisis -- throughout the year 1837. Then, amid financial failure and massive disillusionment among many of his chief followers, Joseph Smith lost administrative and charismatic control in Kirtland and, with Sidney Rigdon, was forced to abandon the LDS capital for the wilds of Missouri.

This on-line book reviews and explicates the seven year Mormon experience in northern Ohio, focusing on those elements of the experience which constitute the "Crisis at Kirtland." It is not a comprehensive history, nor a dedicated critique of the Latter Day Saint religion, but is simply an investigation of a fascinating and pivotal period in early Mormon history.

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