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Yates County in 1830

1830 Yates County Census Index (by twp. & page)

Yates County Information

Yates County, NY was created in 1823 from five eastern Ontario County townships. In 1826 Starkey and Barrington townships were annexed from Steuben County. Middlesex towsnhip was later partitioned to form Potter. Torrey was created from Milo and Benton. (Some Census indices mistakenly name Benton as "Bennett" in the 1830 Yates tabulation).

Townships existing at the time of the 1830 Census:

Barrington: 306 households
Benton: 752 households
Italy: 174 households
Jerusalem: 465 households
Middlesex: 545 households
Milo: 578 households
Starkey: 385 households

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