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Wayne County in 1830

1830 Wayne County Census Index (by twp. & page)

Wayne County Information

Wayne County, NY was created in 1823 from portions of Ontario and Cayuga counties. Arcadia was formed from Lyons in 1825. Port Bay was later renamd to "Huron."

Townships existing at the time of the 1830 Census:

Arcadia: 623 households
Butler: 293 households
Galen: 105 households
Lyons: 613 households
Macedon: 311 households
Marion: 318 households
Ontario: 266 households
Palmyra: 533 households
Port Bay: 191 households
Rose: 264 households
Savannah: 153 households
Sodus: 565 households
Walcott: 186 households
Walworth: 271 households
Williamson: 295 households

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