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Niagara County in 1830

1830 Niagara County Census Index (by twp. & page)

Niagara County Information

Niagara County, NY was created in 1808 from Genesee County. It is in the far northwest corner of New York on the boundary line with Canada. The 36 miles long Niagara River separates the two nations and holds in its upper reaches Grand Island and several smaller islands.

The first permanent American settlements in the area were amde in about 1802. In 1821 the lower hald of Niagara County was split off to form Erie County.

The townships existing at the time of the 1830 Census:

Cambria: 294 households
Hartland: 264 households
Lewiston: 246 households
Lockport: 663 households
Newfane: 251 households
Niagara: 243 households
Pendleton: 100 households
Porter: 216 households
Royalton: 549 households
Somerset: 150 households
Wilson: 156 households

Note: Wheatfield township was formed c. 1835

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