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(The Old "Genesee Country" - West of Seneca Lake)

Monroe County in 1830

1830 Monroe County Census Index (by twp. & page)

Monroe County Information

Monroe County, NY was created in 1806 from Genesee County. The first Census which reported its residents was in 1810. The townships in Allegany's northern tier were all later ceded to other counties.

The townships existing at the time of the 1830 Census:      

Brighton: 506 households
  (in Sweden) : 130 households
Chili: 315 households
Clarkson: 539 households
Gates: 276 households
Greece: 416 households
Henrietta: 387 households
Mendon: 509 households
Ogden: 411 households
Parma: 461 households
Penfield: 745 households
Perrington: 357 households
Pittsford: 309 households
Riga: 309 households
Rochester: 1556 households
  (5 wards, mostly in Brighton)
Rush: 343 households
Sweden: 359 households
Wheatland: 367 households

Additions and Changes in Townships:

Irondequoit formed from Brighton in 1839
Webster formed from Penfield, 1840
Hamlin (Union) formed from Clarkson in 1852

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