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(The Old "Genesee Country" - West of Seneca Lake)

Allegany County in 1830

1830 Allegany County Census Index (by twp. & page)

Allegany County Information

Allegany (sometimes spelled "Alleghany") County, NY was created in 1806 from Genesee County. The first Census which reported its residents was in 1810. The townships in Allegany's northern tier were all later ceded to other counties.

The townships existing at the time of the 1830 Census:      

Alfred: 256 households
Allen: 162 households
Almond: 307 households
Amity: 156 households
Andover: 107 households
Angelica: 173 households
Belfast: 349 households
Birdsall: 96 households
Bolivar: 76 households
Burns: 119 households
Caneadea: 145 households
Cuba: 180 households
Eagle: 168 households
Friendship: 261 households
Genesee: 40 households
Grove: 234 households
Haight: 123 households
Hume: 162 households
Independence: 128 households
Nunda: 224 households
Ossian: 135 households
Pike: 355 households
Portage: 502 households
Scio: 96 households

Additions and Changes in Townships:

Rushford formed before 1820 (not in 1830 index?)
Centerville formed before 1820 (not in 1830 index?)
Haight re-named "New Hudson" after 1830

Granger twp formed from Grove after 1830
West Almond twp formed from Almond & Angelica after 1830
Wirt twp formed from Friendship & Bolivar after 1830
Clarkesville twp formed from Cuba after 1830

Nunda twp annexed to Livingston 1846
Portage twp annexed to Livingston 1846
Ossian twp annexed to Livingston 1857
Eagle & Pike twps annexed to Wyoming

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