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Genesee County, NY in 1820

1820 Genesee County Census Index (by page number)

Genesee County Information

Genesee County, NY was created in 1802 from Ontario County's old Northampton Township. The first land sale of the Holland Land Company in the Genesee region was in 1801 when it was still part of Ontario County. Settlement of the region increased with the completion of the old Genesee Road to Buffalo a few years later, and boomed once again following the end of the War fo 1812.

In 1808 the western portion of the county was split away and divided into Niagara, Cattauraugus, Chautauqua, and Allegany counties. A portion of the eastern edge of the Genesee was taken in 1821 to form Livingston and Monroe counties. The northern third of Genesee was taken in 1824 to form Orleans County. In 1841 the bottom half of Genesee was taken to form Wyoming County.

The townships existing at the time of the 1820 Census
(asterisks = given to Monroe, Livingston & Orleans, 1821-24)

Alexander: 242 households
Attica: 188 households
Barre*: 311 households
Batavia: 420 households
Bennington: 144 households
Bergen: 403 households
Bethany: 289 households
Caledonia*: 430 households
China: 137 households
Clarkson*: 294 households
Covington: 367 households
Elba: 237 households
Gaines*: 212 households
Gainesville: 198 households
Gates*: 420 households
Le Roy: 431 households
Leicester*: 220 households
Middlebury: 299 households
Mt. Morris*: 154 households
Murray*: 287 households
Ogden*: 199 households
Orangeville: 276 households
Parma*: 232 households
Pembroke: 432 households
Perry: 457 households
Ridgway*: 270 households
Riga*: 536 households
Shelby*: 197 households
Sheldon: 274 households
Stafford: 346 households
Sweden*: 470 households
Warsaw: 278 households
York*: 290 households

Regional Townships Formed After 1820

Alabama: (formed c. 1821-25)
Byron: (formed c. 1821-25)
Carlton: (formed c. 1821-25)
Castile: (formed c. 1821-25)
Clarenden: (formed c. 1821-25)
Kendall: (formed after 1825)
Wethersfield: (formed c. 1821-25)
Yates: (formed c. 1821-25)
Chili: (formed c. 1821-25)
Greece: (formed c. 1821-25)
Wheatland: (formed c. 1821-25)
Darien formed in 1832
Oakfield formed in 1842
Pavilion formed c. 1842
Java formed c. 1842
Eagle annexed in 1846
Pike annexed in 1846

Genesee County in the 1830 Census

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