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Chautauqua County, NY in 1820

1820 Chautauqua County Census Index (by page number)

c. 1825 map (does not show exact 1820 townships)

Chautauqua County Information

Chautauqua County, NY was created in 1808 from southwestern Genesee County. However, Chautauqua was not finally organized with its own county government until 1811. For that reason its residents were numbered along with those of Genesee County in the 1810 Census. Poland township was taken from Ellicott in 1832. Busti township was taken from Ellicott and Harmony in 1823. Carroll township was taken from Ellicott in 1825. Sherman township was created from Mina c. 1831-49.

Chautauqua townships at the time of the 1820 Census:

Chautauqua: 442 households
Ellicott: 256 households
Gerry: 163 households
Hanover: 374 households
Harmony: 147 households
Pomfret: 404 households
Portland: 205 households
Ripley: 189 households

Townships Added Between 1820 and 1825: 

Mina: formed c. 1821-25
Westfield: formed c. 1821-25
French Cr.: formed c. 1821-25
Clymer: formed c. 1821-25
Busti: formed c. 1821-25
Carroll: formed c. 1821-25
Ellington: formed c. 1821-25
Ellery: formed c. 1821-25
Charlotte: formed c. 1821-25
Cherry Cr.: formed c. 1821-25
Stockton: formed c. 1821-25
Arkwright: formed c. 1821-25
Villenova: formed c. 1821-25
Sheridan: formed c. 1821-25

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