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Cattaraugus County, NY in 1820

1820 Cattaraugus County Census Index (by page number)

c. 1825 map (does not show exact 1820 townships)

Cattaraugus County Information

Cattaraugus County, NY was created in 1808 from southwestern Genesee County. However, Cattaraugus was not finally organized with its own county government until 1812. For that reason its residents were numbered along with those of Genesee County in the 1810 Census. Cattaraugus lay off the beaten track taken by pioneers moving along the southern edge of the Great Lake. Even as late as 1820 the county was very sparsely settled. Only after the completion of the Erie Canal brought a flood of new settlers westward did the population in Cattaraugus increase appreciably. Ischua (or Ishua) township appears to have had an ephemeral existance in the 1820s, being reabsorbed back into its parent township of Hinsdale during the 1830 census and then re-emerging in the 1840 census as "Rice," before taking back its old name of "Ischua" after 1850.

Townships existing at the time of the 1820 Census:

Great Valley:
49 households
262 households
Little Valley:
85 households
141 households
138 households

Townships Added Between 1820 and 1825: 

Otto formed c. 1821-25
Ashford formed c. 1821-25
Yorkshire formed c. 1821-25
Freedom formed c. 1821-25
Machias formed c. 1821-25
Farmersville formed c. 1821-25
Lyndon formed c. 1821-25
Franklinville formed c. 1821-25
Conewango formed c. 1821-25
Randolph formed c. 1821-25
Hinsdale formed c. 1821-25
Ellicottville formed c. 1821-25
Napoli formed c. 1821-25

Townships Changes After 1825:

New Albion: from Little Valley c. 1828
Cecilius: (Mansfield in 1831) from Little Valley c. 1828
Burton: (Allegany 1851) from Great Valley 1831
Leon: taken from Conewango 1832
Dayton: taken from Perrysburg 1835
Persia: taken from Perrysburg 1835
Rice: (later Ischua) from Hinsdale c. 1835
Cold Spring: from Napoli c. 1835-1849
Humphrey: from Great Valley 1836
Portville: taken from Olean 1837
Carrolton: from Great Valley 1842
South Valley: from Randolph and Napoli 1849

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